Mountain Gorillas

13th November 2016 2

Rwanda, land of a thousand hills and a million smiles. Considering the atrocities that happened here in Rwanda 22 years ago, these wonderful people are […]

Sloshing through the mud.

13th November 2016 0

Sloshing through the mud up on the mountains of Kigali Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda in search of the Golden Monkeys. We had rain the night […]

Icelandic Horses

4th June 2016 0

This was my second trip to Iceland.  Returning with one of my daughters so that I could spend time with the horses amongst other things. […]

Cruising the Icebergs

2nd April 2016 0

Antarctica was an adventure in itself , but cruising the icebergs topped it off. Ummm well, the penguins were super amazing too. The zodiacs were lowered […]

Jaipur, India. also known as

28th March 2016 0

Jaipur, the city of smells, thrills, shopping and jewelry. However, buyer beware. You need to know your stuff and make sure you are buying the real stuff. […]

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