Today we will take a peek at Holland.

Windmill De Adriaan in Haarlem

Haarlem Windmill-3

Haarlem  is a lovely historical city, located on the river Spaarne at no more than 20 kilometres from Amsterdam. International tourism finally seems to have discovered the town’s many charms, and an increasing number of visitors find their way there each year. An easy ride by bicycle from Amsterdam as the terrain is not challenging. The Dutch people love their bikes. If pedalling is not your passion then you could take a bus or train.


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Haarlem Windmill-6


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Holland has over 1,000 windmills and the Adriaan Windmill will teach you everything there is to know about these picturesque and typically Dutch structures. This attractive gristmill was a prominent part of Haarlem’s skyline since 1778 until it burned down in 1932. A group of windmill enthusiasts collected funds to rebuild De Adriaan and in 2002, exactly 70 years after its destruction, Haarlem’s famous windmill reopened. Although its original function is completely unprofitable nowadays, De Adriaan still mills grain from time to time for tourists. Enthusiastic volunteers will guide you for about half an hour through De Adriaan which is now a museum, and you’ll no doubt be overwhelmed by anecdotes about Dutch windmills. You can also expect a good view of the city from the top.
Guided tours: adults €3, children under 12 €1.


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Haarlem Windmill


Haarlem Windmill-4


Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of one of the treasures of Holland.

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