Make a choice between a Kung Fu Show and Chinese Opera…which do I choose ?




Welcome to the Kung Fu Show, Beijing




How was I supposed to make a good choice over this dilemma ?   Chinese Opera  where I would not understand a word or the story. Well, maybe the costumes would be colourful and worth seeing…or a Kung Fu Show?  I can tell you that I have no interest in martial arts. So what was I to do ? Vicky our Chinese guide made the decision for me when she said that the majority of people enjoyed the Kung Fu best. At this stage of my life I should have clued into the fact (and remembered it) that things in which I seem to have no interest in at all are the things that I usually find riveting. This was no exception.

“Take this boy’s picture now. He will not be here when you come out.”

He sat very solemn beating out his drum as a form of greeting.   We went into the theatre where we had good seats. We were allowed to take photos which was great, except for trying to avoid people’s heads when taking my shots.  From the get go, it was truly amazing.  Drums, Fire, smoke and colour, colour and more colour.  Wonderfully choreographed  and truly dramatic. Stunning…never to be forgotten.  Just for you…a small taste through my pictures.  Enjoy !













See those spears…Ohhh my !!!

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