The Jade Factory

In Beijing



Well, here we are somewhere in Beijing. If you want to know exactly where, and can read Chinese…look at the name over the entrance to the factory in the photo.  I am sure the taxi drivers are very familiar with it.  Promoting tourism and the Chinese economy 🙂


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As soon as you get inside the exhibits are impressive. Each made from a single piece of Jade. Some pieces are six feet long at least.


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I was very interested in the jade balls that were four rounds, three revolving one inside each other. How do they do that I wonder from one piece of jade. I could not get my head around it, even though there was an artist actually producing these wonderful balls. They were elaborately carved with a dragon representing the male, and the phoenix representing the female. All quite beautiful.


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We decided to purchase one and then for an additional $60 we could have one carved by a master rather than a student. So there we have it, our expensive souvenir.


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There we have it, a beautiful work of art.  From here we went into the special showroom with priceless pieces of work. We wandered and  admired the wonderful pieces of sculpture. Ever conscious of the shadow hovering behind us offering a snippet of information and ever hopeful that we might purchase a big ticket item.  Shipped home of course.


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Spectacular !

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