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Semarang, beyond the boat.



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Wherever there are local people with strong cultural traditions, a colourful welcome usually awaits you as you leave the boat to explore on shore.
Semarang in Indonesia was no exception. In the sun, beautiful young women dressed in colourful costumes greeted us with traditional dancing.

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Dancing to the pulsing music provided by cultural bands. Young men, dressed in vibrant colours formed one band, and another with more mature men dressed in traditional batik shirts.


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There was also a lovely lady singing. They took turns performing and sharing their culture with us. It was impossible to hurry by this wonderful feast to the eyes and ears. However we were being met by old friends. Frans our tour guide and Towil our homestay host had traveled at least three hours to take us on a tour of Semarang. We went all over the place. Taking in a museum of trains. a park of traditional buildings where teenage school kids on a field trip were eating lunch and eyeing us with curiosity. Gazing at architecture. Tasting the local food at this tiny food joint on the corner of a street. We were told that we just had to taste these local delicacies. So taste we did. After a long day we were driven back to the ship, happy but tired. we said our sad goodbyes and hoped we would meet again some day.

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