King Penguins of South Georgia, Antarctica

We can model how to be regal for you

We have arrived and are exploring Antarctica. this is my husband in his safety gear because we have to tender to shore on the zodiacs.

We are in search of King Penguins and when we find them the colonies are huge. The photos below show their relationships with each other and how they interact.

Deception Island, Antarctica-7941 South Georgia ashore-6330 South Georgia ashore-6333 South Georgia ashore-6335 South Georgia ashore-6356 South Georgia ashore-6357 South Georgia ashore-6362


When penguins moult they can no longer go out to sea to fish. They find some place, usually in water where they stand motionless to expend less energy until it is all over.


South Georgia ashore-6363 South Georgia ashore-6364 South Georgia ashore-6366 South Georgia ashore-6371


A moulting adult stands with two youngsters that are beginning to moult into their adult feathers.


South Georgia ashore-6375


At this stage the babies are almost as big as the adults. The adults go to sea to fish to feed their families. The babies are left in a creche under the watchful eye of a few adults.


South Georgia ashore-6378 South Georgia ashore-6382 South Georgia ashore-6386 South Georgia ashore-6388


Above and below one baby is well on the way to his adult plumage.


South Georgia ashore-6392 South Georgia ashore-6404

Hey, where are you going ? I’m tagging along.


South Georgia ashore-6410 South Georgia ashore-6411 South Georgia ashore-6418 South Georgia ashore-6435 South Georgia ashore-6444 South Georgia ashore-6463 South Georgia ashore-6474 St. Andrews-6688 St. Andrews-6712


Resting on our laurels. 


St. Andrews-6729 St. Andrews-6735 St. Andrews-6739 St. Andrews-6742 St. Andrews-6752 St. Andrews-6753 St. Andrews-6758 St. Andrews-6779


Hanging around.


St. Andrews-6787


Penguins are beautiful and fascinating creatures. I loved being so close to them as they do not know the rules the humans make. They are totally unbothered to have our company. I felt that I could never have too many photos. Oh, the wonder of Antarctica.

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