One side of The Falkland Islands

Stark and Wild !

On one side of The Falkland Islands where the terrain is rugged in places with occasional safe landing places. We stepped ashore to experience one delight after another.  We were given the choice between walking up to the cliffs or a jeep ride. The jeeps seemed to be a bit sporadic so we decided to get the exercise and walk. We climbed up and took the path along the cliffs. We were the first group that had been given permission to take this path which led us inches from where the Rock Hopper Penguins shared space with young Albatros. Next year it would not be possible because of the age of the birds.


Falkland Islands-5211 Falkland Islands-5263


Our first experience was the glorious colour of the Yellow Gorse in full bloom.


Falkland Islands-5184


Falkland Islands-5229


Rock Hoppers and Albatros lived peaceably side by side. The Rock Hoppers were nesting. Carefully looking after their eggs.


Falkland Islands-5198


It is the rule for visitors to stay several metres away from wildlife, however, here the path was just about a foot across and took us inches from the birds.

We were so incredibly blest to have this experience.


Falkland Islands-5242


Notice the Albatross on the right has an egg. As they are supposed to be too young to mate, I presume that a Rock Hopper was not quite careful enough guarding the egg…or maybe the Albatros was broody and it was wishful thinking. One hopes that the egg  eventually ended up with the right mother.


Falkland Islands-5205


The Albatros were totally unafraid of us and were very curious. I had a long lens on my camera and one came up and pecked it on the top as much as to say. ‘What do we have here.’ I did manage to take others being curious with fellow travellers.


Falkland Islands-5208


“ok, you show me how that thing works, and I will perform for you.”


Falkland Islands-5209 Falkland Islands-5264


Falkland Islands-5215


Taking off and coming in…always a pretty bird on the wing.


Falkland Islands-5195 Falkland Islands-5194 Falkland Islands-5192 Falkland Islands-5188Falkland Islands-5199

Falkland Islands-5254 Falkland Islands-5253 Falkland Islands-5252 Falkland Islands-5203


So it looks like they are beginning to pair up.  Cosy cosy.



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