Sloshing through the mud.

Golden Monkeys


Sloshing through the mud up on the mountains of Kigali Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda in search of the Golden Monkeys.

We had rain the night before so it was even more wet than usual.  Rwanda is at the beginning of the rainy season so here we were with our waterproof pants and winter hiking books ready to do battle with the elements. We were given a fantastic walking pole to help us along. We hired a porter to carry our stuff and bless his heart he took good care of me as we negotiated the rocks, mud mire and liquid buffalo poops. Even so on the way down I managed to fall over twice.


The trackers had already gone on in advance to locate the monkeys. They were on a feeding mission, making short work of the bamboo. Just as well that bamboo is very fast growing. Before you cross into the jungle there is a high rock wall difficult to negotiate in itself. This is to keep the wild animals in on the jungle side and not to wander onto the fields of crops of the local people. Strong arms hauled me up and over this wall in and out of the jungle. Here we were met with a lady tracker who was pregnant and carrying a Kalashnikov  rifle. All the trackers and rangers are clad in wellington boots and are surefooted as mountain goats.

We reached the point where we had to leave our stuff(even our water) with the porters before going on to the monkeys. They also took care of the gun in case the monkeys got hold of it and got trigger happy.   These two monkeys above were foraging on the ground for something delicious. Maybe grubs or insects.



This was a magnificent male who came to visit and keep an eye on the females. It was the time of birth of the babies so not too many males around.


This is a very pretty female.



I found it very difficult to take photos of these quick moving monkeys, especially as the light in the jungle was a challenge.

We had a great time watching these wonderful monkeys for one hour.

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